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Your crop relies on the microbial life in the soil to deliver plant-available nutrients to its roots. When your soil microbial life isn't strong enough to produce adequate nutrient levels and supplemental nutrition sources are inadequate, the crop immunity system becomes compromised, opening the door to insect and disease attack.

Our organic fertilizer provide consistent, adequate supply of nutrients will help your plants build strong resistance to common stresses such as drought, excessive heat, Predatory insects, fungal and bacterial disease and all other soil and air borne pathogens.

When this happens, we offer natural products that boost plant immunity. These products can help your plant to resist insect attack and can reduce or eliminate the negative impact of fungal and bacterial pathogens that cause diseases such as blight, blossom end-rot, downey mildew, wilt, powdery mildew, rust, septoria, root rot, alternaria, cakers, and all the rest.

Ultimately, it's about marketable yield and profits. If your yield suffers, so does your wallet. So, a small, proactive investment in products that will boost nutrient uptake, build plant immunity and grow a stress-resistant plant will go a long way!