Soil & Tissue Testing

What your soil needs to provide nutrients to your crop is all a key to know, and a key in successful growing. As a grower you often rely on current market trends, more often you choose stereotypes, spending money and never getting the desired result.

Our soil analysis goes extensively checking variety of factors, your past growing patterns, yield and quality. Current state and health of your soil is determining, while the complete analysis goes beyond and above the soil. You, your soil and ourselves work together to decide the role and form of organic farming for you and your soil.

We work for enhancing soil organic activities, and restructure the soil in a holistic way. The soil testing, trials and reports cover the field issues and barriers, at the same time this process ensures your crops' nutritional demands for the future too.

Right from minerals Ca, Mg, K, Na, and EC, native carbon, exchange capacity, pH, Chloride availability of P&K, B, Fe, Cu, S, Mn, Total N & Total P, Total C, a thorough soil analysis is carried out and ultimately the Soil testing provides you a more reliable reports which guide you for type and nature of full organic or customized farming for you.