Superb Power (L)

SUPERB POWER (L) is a specialized formulation of Superb Green (L) for specific and customized requirements. It can be foliar applied, soil applied or applied thru fertigation or drip irrigation.

SUPERB POWER is a broad-spectrum yield increasing natural organic fertilizer formulated for flowers, trees, shrubs, fruit, vegetables, root crops and ornamentals.

It contains a mixed cultured solution with high grade macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals and is effective when Soil Applied Or Foliar Applied. It can applied with the aid of a conventional sprayer and thru irrigation and fertigation apparatus.

It has proven to be a reliable performer in low and high rainfall areas and in all soil types and one of the lowest financial investments a grower can make to maximize productivity and improve the bottom line.

  • Contents:All plant based macro and micro nutrients such as N, P, K, Mg, Mn, Ca, S, Fe, Cu, and trace elements, various amino acids, organic acid compounds, types of enzymes, B complex vitamins, Vitamin A, hormones and antibiotics. Also it contains Phenolic compounds that protects against damages of pest & diseases and plays vital role in reproduction process of plants.
  • Advantages:
    • It is a curing and protective bio-tech innovation for foliar and soil application.
    • Helps restore the soil ecosystem, rejuvenates the plant’s natural functions.
    • Making them grow stronger, healthier and faster.
    • Creating extraordinary and impressive growth results.
    • Significant increase in product quality, taste, color, weight, and, yields.
    • Reduces the costs of pesticide, fungicide, enzymes, and growth promoters.
    • Resists biotic and abiotic stress, viruses and many fungal diseases.
  • Please refer the Product Leaflet attached with the product for exact and detailed information on ingredients including for application, dosage, frequency, care and MRP.