Superb Germi (L)

SUPERB GERMI is a liquid biological seed treatment and root growth promoter formulated to improve seed germination, emergence, root mass, vigor, uniformity and yield.

SUPERB GERMI is a liquid, organic seed treatment and root growth promoter formulated with macro and micro nutrients, amino acids, organic acids, root growth stimulants, enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Seed treatments can colonize plant roots and send out filaments into the surrounding soil. It contains constituents that stimulate indigenous microbes in the root zone.

  • A unique formulation of Superb Germi Seed Germination Nutrients extracts for organic seed treatment. It is an affordable and effective way to optimize seed germination, plant establishment, early growth and yield potential.
  • Contents & safety: Superb Germi contains 100% Natural Herbs Juice as a source of useful nutrients. Hormones, enzymes, proteins, phytosterols, Brassinosteroids, glucocorticoids & alkaloids, amino acids, etc.
  • Advantages:
    • Economical, effective and eco-friendly.
    • Early root growth and more root hairs.
    • Reduces the duration of germination.
    • Protects seeds from soil born diseases.
    • Improves seed germination and seedling emergence.
  • Please refer the Product Leaflet attached with the product for exact and detailed information on ingredients including for application, dosage, frequency, care and MRP.