Our Research

Fertilizer use is one of the basic considerations in agriculture. It can be soil-applied using inorganic and/or organic fertilizers, directly sprayed to plant leaves with liquid/foliar fertilizers or a combination of both.

The soil-applied fertilizers have relatively higher amounts of macro-elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. On the other hand, the very high macro-nutrient required by most crops cannot be provided by liquid/foliar fertilizers but they normally contain essential micro-elements required for balanced plant nutrition.

Superb World has in offer many granular as well as liquid fertilizer formulas which contain organic biochemical macro and micro-nutrients. As a requisite for registration to the FPA, this study was specifically conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of these fertilizers on the growth and yield of rice, cotton, castor, groundnut, fruits and vegetable crops. After all, natural is all our need. And so are our Organic Granular, Soil Conditioner and Foliar and Drip Irrigation Products.

Healthy soil consists of fungi, microbes, earthworms, macro fauna and micro/mesofauna. Sustainable Agriculture involves not only the physical properties and mineral structure of the soil, but also the process by which organic matter is transformed into humus by microbes, fungi, earthworms etc. Our research products are made incorporating crop residue and other organic matter into the soil promotes microbial growth which in turn promotes humus production and soil fertility.